Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 5 - 3/4/2013

Kumusta Pamilya! 

Wow, this has been an amazing week, I don't even know where to begin!! #1 guess who has a plane ticket?? We got our travel plans for Tuesday the 12th and we are leaving at 8am flying to Seattle then Tokyo then Manila and I don't really know what the plan is after that but I am SO STOKED. There will be 14 of us traveling together and it will be the greatest cause I love them all! Have your phones next to you because although I can't see anyone, I'm allowed to call so I'll be getting a calling card and such. But it's also like the biggest mixed feelings ever cause I'm going to miss the MTC SO MUCH. I love it here. The people, the food(yes I know I'm basically the only person on the planet that feels that way), gym time(aka playing basketball everyday), the classes, the devotionals... I really don't know how it could have been any better! I love our whole zone and I'm gonna miss them all so much. Especially the Sister from Samoa who I will basically never see ever again. We are all just living this week to the fullest cause it will be gone before you know it! We said goodbye to some sisters in our zone last night that are heading to Hong Kong which was really sad, but they've been here for 12 WEEKS so they were more than ready to leave. With the new 6 weeks, I feel ready and excited but not overly eager. I still love my companions and my whole district, they're the best. The language has been progressing quite nicely, I've been working super hard and it just amazes me STILL that I can go into a lesson with zero notes, Cebuano scriptures and teach for 40 minutes. We'd probably teach for longer if they let us! This week I got to memorize Moroni 10:4-5 in cebuano and the missionary purpose and it was actually super easy cause I can actually understand it all! I feel SO BLESSED. 

Moroni 10:4-5 
Ug kon kamo makadawat niini nga mga butang, ako moawhag kaninyo nga kamo mangutana sa Dios, ang Amahan sa kahangturan, sa ngalan ni Jesukristo, kon kini nga mga butang dili ba tinuod; ug kon kamo mangutana sa kinasingkasing, uban sa tinoud nga katuyoan, nga may hugot nga pagtuo kang Kristo, siya mokapita niini nganho kaninyo pinaagi sa gahum sa Espiritu Santo. Ug pinaagi sa gahum sa Espiritu Santo kamo mohimo nga masayud sa kamatuoran sa tanan nga mga butang. 

Yeah, I just typed that from memory and understand every word. Crazy? Of course! Hmm... don't really know what else to say... Oh Elder Ballard gave an AMAZING devotional on Tuesday night, we had mission conference yesterday so we basically had 7 hours of sitting and listening to various speakers, but it was so great! And I love that when we hear something we could be doing better as missionaries, both of my companions immediately turn to me and say, we're going to do that. Cause they're the greatest. Saturday we had a no English day and it was actually really fun! I was surprised how much I could communicate what I needed and it definitely made me feel better about leaving in a week. I've spent a TON of time with flash cards so I have a pretty large vocabulary and so everyone asks me random words constantly and I actually love it cause it helps ME remember so much more! I laugh constantly...but what else is new? haha 

Oh and RACHEL JONES IS ENGAGED?????? AHHHHHH!!!! She better DearElder me STAT with all the details! That's so exciting! And Cami Davis got engaged!!!!! I'm told by Brianna Boyd who works at the bookstore and I expect something from her too!!! That is so exciting! 

That about covers it, I love this gospel, I feel like the most blessed person ever, I LOVE being a missionary, I love Cebuano and I love you all! 

Sister Pike 

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