Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 15 - 5/12/2013

Hello family!!! 

So I will talk to you all tomorrow, hopefully it works... I did not forsee all the cafes with good connections being closed for the election... oh well. Not much to say this week, not much work actually. Even though I love spending time with other missionaries doing other activities, I kinda hate it cause if we don't visit them, they don't go to church and it's just sad! Last night we spent the whole night visiting everyone that didn't go to church that we have been visiting. 14, and there were more but we ran out of time. Crazy! The most frustrating are the less-actives cause when we visited a few of them and ask them why they didn't go to church, they aren't even guilty in the slightest. It's just sad, but we can never give up on them. I just hope we can help them somehow. But this week should be normal hopefully. But a good thing about this week was we had zone conference and I got to see my companions from the MTC!!! It was SO great. It was so crazy talking to them in Waray-waray and thinking wait, just 8 weeks ago we were all speaking Cebuano! crazy. We rode in a van to Calbayog where the conference was held and it was a pretty fun trip. The most curvy road ever and we were basically at constant acceleration (as in constantly changing speeds, either fast or slow) so no sleeping or reading or writing as I usually do but it was really cool to see the palm tree forests and be out of the cities. It's amazing that I've lived her for so long and not seen it! And on the way home, our entire zone sung hymns/ primary songs the whole hour and a half trip, it was so great! I have a truly awesome zone.

And then, Saturday we went to a mother's day musical presentation and then us, with 6 other missionaries, were invited to dinner at a member from the other ward who is from, guess where? Logan, UT. That's right, he's American! I didn't catch their whole story but he met his Filipino wife on a Single's website and he travels back and forth and works in Utah. I'm not sure how often, but it was kinda crazy! He just got back from Utah this past week and so he brought a package for an elder who is from there. Most exciting contents? Cheddar Cheese haha he was SO excited. He also is going home in like 2 transfers so he has been without for quite awhile. I thought it was pretty hilarious. The night consisted of me with two other American elders talking with the American and
all the Filipinos talking to his wife. Even though it hasn't been that long, it was so weird especially since he is very American. He doesn't know the language at interesting. And we also helped the other Sister's move and I made a delicious banana-peanut butter shake. Oh and Last night, Sister Karagdag taught me how to make manga float, I think I mentioned it before, but it is SO good! And now I know how to make it! Score!  And that's about it. I love you all! 

Love, Sister Pike

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