Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 31 - 9/2/2013

Well, this week was the weirdest of my life! And that's saying something! Every transfer day, we always make guesses and all in all we say, "expect the unexpected" because no matter what we guess, we are so surprised and blown away and this transfer was no different. I thought FOR SURE I wouldn't be transferred because I just got back to my area! I haven't worked there in a month! My trainee only worked there for one week so she still doesn't know all the people or where they live... So when we got the call on wednesday, Sister Doud answered and the ZL told her SHE was transferring then he figured out that she wasn't me so he said I was transferring, AHHH!!! All other transfers, I had been semi-ready but this one caught me SO off guard. Not to mention the other sisters were gone so I didn't get to say good-bye and We didn't even get to say goodbye to anyone in our area because I just packed all day! It was so sad. But then, President Andaya called me later that night and told me I would be going to the mission office in Tacloban for a few days before I transferred to follow-up with Sister Andaya- the mission nurse and he told me you will be going to Biliran Zone! Which is basically the only place in the mission I've actually ever wanted to go because EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARY who has been assigned there has told me it was the best and that I should go there. I always replayed, "Ok, I'll work on that!" (sarcastically) but I was soooo excited. And I'll be speaking... CEBUANO!!! You know, that language that I learned for 6 weeks in the MTC and haven't used in over a 6 months... haha This should be fun. Im actually so excited to be able to actually use the Book of Mormon in my mission language now! and have actual books to study from! And I will be follow-up training Sister Estes meaning she just finished her 3 months of training and she is also the one sister I've wanted to be companions with because she was in my ward at BYU two years ago!!! And I hear nothing but the best about her from everyone, I'm so excited. And I hear my area- Naval (pronounced like navol) is basically one of the best. One of the most beautiful areas in the mission with an awesome, loving branch... I can't wait to meet them all.

I was SO sad to find out I was leaving Catarman because I love them all so much! But as soon as I left, it's like I felt this burden lifted like it's okay now that I'm not there because it's not my responsibility anymore because my calling as a missionary there has ended... It was really surprising to me and very unexpected. I was also so sad to leave my beloved zone, but I'm excited to get to know other missionaries as well. It's like the more you move, the more you get to know and love so your group of friends keeps growing and growing and you never really lose any because when you are reunited, you're still the best of friends even though you've been separated for a time. We always joke that with new areas, language and missionaries, it's basically like a whole new mission! so my second mission is about to begin! 

I love you all! I hope you have an awesome Europe trip! They still haven't told me much about the test results, but I'll ask them before I go to my area I think. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. I know that I would be nowhere without the gospel in my life. Life is so hard and never goes the way you plan it, but through all the simple things and commandments, we can find true happiness and direction in our lives and so much comfort when we are going through a hard time. I would be so lost without it! 

Love, Sister Pike
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Kate's 1 month old baby! With Mary Anne - a ward missionary

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