Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 32 - 9/9/2013

Hello Family!

Wow, this was a crazy week. And that's saying something! So you know

how I was cleared to go to my area last week?! I was so excited! Then
I woke up the next morning to leave and couldn't open my eye! Turns
out the week before I had worn contacts to a zone activity and it got
infected and it hurt for like a day but then it went away all week so
I thought it was all good! (I was using eye drops from when this had
happened before) But it came back stronger than ever. I  went to the
eye doctor on tuesday and wednesday, they gave me like a billion eye
drops to put in every hour and I stayed in Tacloban and just
slept...Everyone keeps asking how my other sickness is but I honestly
can't tell because with this one I just want to sleep all day because
it hurts to have my eye open! On Saturday I had my followup
appointment and she said it was doing so much better and I just need
to continue resting and using my medicine and not working basically.
So I thought for sure I would stay in Tacloban for another week, but
my mission president sent me to my area Saturday night and I was so
excited! And get this- weirdest thing ever- my companion has been with
a branch missionary while I was in Tacloban getting checked up and
since I still can't really go out and work that much because of my
eye, he gave me a cell phone and told me to go to my area, we will
plan and study together, all 3 of us, and then I will stay and rest
and recover with a cell phone in case of emergencies while they go
teach lessons! It's genius! and I'm pretty sure it never happens ever!

And so I got to go to my branch, Naval branch, yesterday and it was so
great! We meet in a tiny little meetinghouse that's so full and so
cramped, but so reverent and the members are so kind and caring. I
loved my members in Catarman, but it's so refreshing to be here. So
much smaller and less professionals which makes it easier I think
because everyone is on the same level. Then after church, everyone
hung out and just talked with each other then they fed us all lunch
and it was so great! And we talked with the Branch President and our
investigator who needs help getting married before she gets baptized
and he seems just so awesome and so caring. I gave a talk in sacrament
and I warned that I still not very good at Cebuano cause I've been
speaking waray-waray for the past 6 months so they said, that's fine!
Just say it in Waray! So I did and threw in the Cebuano words I could
remember from the MTC oh so long ago. It went super well! Biliran is
the little island of my mission and it's so halo-halo(mixed) that I
can basically keep talking waray-waray and they can understand, but it
shouldn't be too hard to switch. But it's nice to have a buffer.

I'm in a trio right now with Sister Estes and Sister Repollo! Sister
Repollo is from Ormoc (cebuano area of our mission) and returned from
her mission in Quezon City North in April so she is so awesome! She
said she has never had an american companion or been in a trio so this
is new for her! Who knew these firsts would happen AFTER her mission?
haha They are both really awesome and I love them a lot! This morning
Sister Estes has been sick so we haven't done anything but there was a
zone activity were they went to the zoo with snakes and monkeys and
ligers... hopefully I'll get to go at some point, sounds interesting!
I have another eye appointment on Saturday so hopefully I will get
back to work soon! But right now I am so grateful for this other
sickness. Why? Because it buys me even more time to rest and get
better from my other sickness (which I still haven't gotten the
results for). I'm pretty sure if they had known that I wouldn't be
able to work for 6 weeks when this started, they would've sent me home
or something which would've been the worst! but the way it's working
actually works pretty perfectly! I get to stay while my companions can
still work and aren't affected. I just feel so blessed! And despite
all my sickness, I am really happy. The other day in Tacloban while I
only could use one eye, I was waiting for someone so I decided to play
volleyball against the wall. Another sister walked in and said, "Wow,
you are the only person that would play volleyball with only one eye
and be whistling a hymn! You are an anomaly! (or something like that).
It was so fun to be in Tacloban for that long because I had so many
"companions" and just got to know so many people! So fun.

Love, Sister Pike

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