Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 36 - 10/7/2013

Hello family! I'm doing great! I'm trying to remember what happened this week... it all just blends together! #1 I worked all week! And this week I go back to Tacloban for an eye appointment, I still take lots of drops and they're just slowly tapering off so it's been really good! Sometimes people ask if I'm all better yet and I think, "what I was sick? Ohhhh yeahh... that... It feels like so long ago and so far behind me now, I just feel so blessed! That is why journals are important because those days of being sick are filled with some pretty important stuff that you just forget as life gets crazy and back to normal! This week was crazy because NOTHING went according to plan. Usually one day a week you take 3 hours to plan the whole week but everyday they would say, oh, you have to go to this! And this! and pretty soon your whole schedule is filled up and you hardly can teach anyone! And that's how this week will be. Haven't watched General Conference but this weekend!!!!!! SOOOO excited. It's basically Christmas for missionaries. We thought we would have the chance to see the Relief Society session but it was in Biliran (30 min) and we could only go if we had an investigator but it was too far so we gave up hope. Then the day before they told us the church would pay for anyone to go and they were all traveling together! So we had hope! But then we visited everyone and they couldn't find anyone to watch the kids, just short notice so we couldn't go... but we are for sure seeing it all next week! And we started to teaching an english class which is really fun. We just started with the basics and a bunch of members came. It was kinda hard at first because they were all at such different levels but we ended up splitting them into groups and my favorite was the Elders Quorum Pres. is just this older man and he was writing everything so diligently, just soaking it all in- it was adorable. He was so humble! And then sacrament meeting was soooo wonderful. It was fast and testimony meeting but they had everyone who went through the temple the week before come up and speak and it was so good. Just so different from my last ward- so many RM's and married in the temple but the sacrament meeting were still such a struggle but here, they are so humble and they are SO appreciative of being able to be an eternal family and just so full of faith and just willing to do whatever it takes- Just so great! 

Today we had a zone activity in biliran and everyone appreciated my football and basketball. It was fun but so hard to get everything we need to done! not to mention so hot! This week is going to be CRAZY and no work basically but it's nice we have an FHE (dinner) scheduled like four days in row which is nice to be fed but our time to teach our investigators is so limited! There are not enough hours in the week to visit everyone we need to! What a problem to have... Thank you for all your support! 

Sister Pike
Sister Remedius - less-active member who is just the best and just makes me and Sister Estes laugh forever - she is just the cutest!

A little boy hanging off the back of a pedicab that we just rode behind.

Sister Garcia who is going home! She is so great.

Something got into my empty pepto bismol box..

A view from the house that we teach at. The seaside breeze feels SO good.

Analiza (12) and Mary Ann (10) - our investigators with a baptismal date on October 26! They are the cutest ever. They are the child and grandchild of a less-active family that returned to full activity and they are just the best! Analiza has the voice of Copper from Fox and the Hound and Mary Ann is so smart and just ready to learn! They fed us lunch and just went and chopped off coconuts from their tree outside. So nice!

FHE at Pres. Ang's house. Every week he has us over for dinner and his house is super nice. He's just the best!

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