Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 38 - 10/21/2013

Well,  it was an extremely adventurous,  and that's saying something! Wednesday we went to Tacloban for my eye appointment! And our goal was to back in time that night to teach our investigators who NEED to get ready for their baptism but  by the time I got to my appointment after waiting an hour... there was no way. Then we went back to the mission office and found out they had zone conference with 4 zones! Aka we got to see and talk to lots of friends! It was so great! and we barely made it to catch the bus to Naval and paid and everything when a bunch more missionaries showed up to travel back to their area then they got a text from the AP's saying not to travel because the roads were too dangerous so we got to stay in the sisters apartment and talk to everyone  else who was stranded for like 3 hours and it was the greatest! We woke up early the next morning and got to our apartment at 10am but we never have water until 2pm and we weren't there to fill up the buckets the night before like we do every night so we were just in our gross clothes and planned, we were so tired! That was a long day. 

On Morning, the power went off at 6 and we both woke up instantly because it was so hot! We thought it was just a brownout and it just happened to be the hottest day ever! We came home that night surprised to see that we still had no power but all our neighbors did! It was too hot in the bedroom so we pulled our mattresses out and slept on the living room floor with all the windows open even though their was very little breeze. and that's how we lived until right before we came when we just asked a construction worker working on the house behind us to help us figure it out and he did! People are so helpful here. So we have a smelly refrigerator full of spoiled food, learned that it is SOOO quiet at night with no power and that we are SO grateful for power. Showered in the dark a few times, and cooked by flashlight being held in my chin and was so hot- basically camping for real. haha oh the adventures! Last night it rained so it cooled down a ton so that was so nice but the worst is trying to sleep in the heat without a fan.  

       Our cute little investigators got interviewed for their baptism this week and it was awesome. We were kinda rushed at the end in teaching them everything they needed before they got baptized so we kinda focused on the commandments that have a lot to remember like Sabbath day, word of wisdom or Law of chastity(we teach a lot about modesty, good music, movies, etc.) so as we were waiting for our ride, we were reviewing and they said they hadn't prayed about Joseph smith or the Book of Mormon yet! Uh-oh, that's important! So we told them to pray about it that night and hoped they would get their answer before their interview or they can't be baptized.Sometimes it's like a process! They believed it was all true and doing everything they needed they just hadn't specifically asked. When we saw them the next morning, we asked about their prayer, the were basically jumping out of their seats, "It's true! I prayed and was kinda scared I wouldn't receive an answer then I just felt peaceful and happy and I know it's true"- this is from a 10 and 12 year old! Heavenly Father hears and answers everyone's prayers. So their baptism is this Saturday! Should be soooo incredibly different then my baptism in Catarman because we don't need to do anything but show up and we don't have a font in church so we're going to the ocean or a river or something legit like that. I'm excited!

And a bunch of members worked with us this week and it was just the best! I just really love the members here, they come from a lot more humble circumstances but they are always willing to work and help the work move forward. It makes a huge difference.

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