Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 40 - 11/3/2013

Wow, this week was pretty exciting! Last night we had 4 other sisters stay at our apartment because President Andaya told us we needed copies of all of our apartments and there are no key copying places on the entire island of Biliran so all the missionaries came to Naval and the Zone Leaders got the keys and traveled 3 hours to Ormoc, get them copied, then come right back. Crazy, huh? We searched for some in Naval and they said they had one but it turns out it was broken and there was another guy who said he could do it and he just tried to do it freehand, so it doesn't open any doors... haha But it was so fun having a sleepover with the other sisters! Our apartment is tiny, but we make it work. And on Halloween gihapon (also) we had the STL's (sister training leaders) to go on exchanges with us and then Sister Robinson and Sister Nunez were in Naval getting medicine and they couldn't catch a bus to their area so they stayed too! We didn't even plan it but the day before I got mom's package with all the candy and made caramel apples and it was a halloween to remember! Thanks mom! It was so good. I had to laugh when they caramel said put the caramel in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it... ha, microwave, what is that? Turns out you just need to leave it on the counter for like 10 minutes, it worked out quite nicely. So we never ever have visitors at our apartment and we had 4 twice this week! So fun. And Halloween here is actually on November 1 and 2 and everything closes down and they just go visit the cemetery and remember their family who died. 1 is for kids and 2 is for adults so we were so confused when no one was home on saturday and all the stores were closed! We were finding on the 1st and a bunch of little kids were dressed up trick-or-treating but it was so bizarre and no one knew what was happening. It was like for in the afternoon and we just watched them go up to a house and a guy gave one of the kids 20 pesos... it was hilarious. 

And in spiritual matters, we had the worlds best lesson the other day, the whole time we were just thinking, is this real, this is the craziest! So one time we were just walking around talking to people and we said we're missionaries looking for someone to teach and they said we're catholic but you should go visit her. Okay... so we go and she speaks English (english speakers love talking to us) and she's iglesia ni cristo- it's a church that is suuuper devout and strict and it was actually founded by a byu graduate and they use the Doctrine and Covenants, it is super weird and kinda like a cult and she said I would like to discuss with you. We said okay, we'll come back. We didn't think much of it because a lot of devout religious people just like to talk religion and compare but aren't really interested. So we came back, wasn't there. We came back again, wasn't there. So we didn't think too much about it. On tuesday we were walking through Naval and she stops us and says, "Sisters! I'm sorry I wasn't there! You can come visit me tomorrow afternoon. I really want to discuss with you." Well that was weird. We literally didn't even remember who she was so we got her number but still weren't sure what to think. So the next day we go and she invites us in and closes the curtains and basically whispers- I really want to observe your services, when is you church? We are iglesia but we are not content because the members have not been good to us, they are so strict and we are searching out other religions but if anyone sees you visit me or us going to your services, they will report me and kick us out. It was seriously so intense! So we start teaching her and the spirit is just so strong and she just understands everything, so great- then she told us about how they are usually allowed to vote but a lot of candidates will go to the church and ask for help and they make all their members vote for the one candidate but in her brangay-area no candidate came for help so they told them not to vote because none of the candidates came to them for help. And she said, of course I'm going to vote, I'm a voter! I have my freedom! So she voted. and then, while we were there, some people from her church came and it was like scary! they were like looking through the window and like interrogating her, we didn't know if we should hide! but she gave us the thumbs up behind her back so I guess she made an excuse but then she came back just in shock... "they kicked me out because I voted the other day when they told me not to. What are the odds that they would visit while you were visiting me, I think it's a sign from God!" And we finished the lesson and we were like all crying the spirit was so strong and then she gave the most pure-in-heart-searching-for-the-truth prayer I have ever heard in my life. We just walked out of there like, woah. What just happened. We didn't find her, she found us! I'm so excited to see where this goes. But then she texted us on Saturday and said she'll be out of town on sunday so she'll come next week. The longer she waits, the more I'm scared it won't work out! But whatever happens is meant to and it was just such an incredible experience. And I learned a lot about Iglesia ni Cristo! They have a ton of huge churches everywhere but I never knew anything about them! Such a cool experience. I love you all, the church is true!

Baptism from last week

Some little kids learned where we lived and left us a present!

Gutting our dinner - camping is our life haha

The street where we live, pretty sunset.

A member's homemade Christmas Tree!

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