Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 43 - 11/20/2013

Hello family! Good news! I'm back to work! I got to Cebu this morning and I met my mission president, president and sister Schmutz and they are just wonderful. So kind and loving- of course I'll never forget president and Sister Andaya, but I know I'm here for a reason and these people will definitely have an impact on my life. I'm not sure where I'll be going or who my new companion is but guess what, p-day is now Wednesday! So no longer expect it on Monday morning! And we get 2 hours! So everyone should email me because I will for sure have time to reply! And the mission home is literally across the road from the Cebu temple and it's just so beautiful. I can't wait till I get to go! That is why Wednesday is our preparation day because every other month we will have a temple day on p-day. Woo! It was sad to leave the MTC this morning and saying good-bye to all my friends going home and to other missions but I saw my batch (the missionaries from Tacloban) and I just feel so blessed, they are just the best! Driving through Cebu was such a culture shock for me because it is definitely not the Philippines I'm used to! It's like America! Lots of malls, just a huge city. But I'm sure in the bukid(mountain/jungle) it will basically be the same. And don't worry mom, I'm going to an eye doctor before I go to my new area and it should be 1,000 times better than it was in Tacloban. They know what's going on and don't worry about a thing. My favorite thing about being here is feeling so loved and needed. President said 75% of the missionaries are less than 6 months, especially the sisters so he said it will be great to have some more experienced ones. It's so weird to think I'm long enough in the mission to be considered old because it's just flown by so fast! But I'm excited to help where I can be learn from the people of Cebu. I still can't believe I'm here! Last night was great cause I got to go to the Manila temple one last time with everyone there and we got to see president and sister Andaya! He had just talked to the area presidency and they are doing everything the can to get some missionaries back in Tacloban mission as soon. Not in Tacloban for a long while but mostly Northern Samar and other places that weren't very affected by the storm. The missionaries will be brought back area by area by random so who knows if how quickly I'll return, if ever but i know what ever happens is 100% the lord's will. I love you all, thanks for all your support and love and concern! Keep praying for those in Tacloban! 

Love, Sister Pike

Legit picture from the storm

Riding a pedicab

With Sister Robinson and her sundang! (machete)

People lined up trying to get gas when it was running out

Stocking up after the typhoon

Piling in the van after being found!

Our full crew - faces so red after running all over.

Our rescuers!

A river they had to cross to get to the other areas because the road was blocked

Our group from Ormoc!

Being snuck out!

Our boat on the way out! Last ones

The boat


The shoes our elders wore the whole trip because we all came from doing service projects

The airport

The temple!

The temple! And great people!

Sister Ariola and Sister Somera came and visited us at the temple!

Funny guy sleeping in Manila!

Our sweet Biliran sisters jerseys that we made and they picked them up RIGHT before the storm.

Sister Ariola and Sister Somera visited again!

The typhoon from the satelite

Some cool people in their legit jackets

Merry Christmas - playing dress up with Sister Estes

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