Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 47 - 12/17/2013

Maayong Pasko!!! I can't believe it's Christmas in a week! Still doesn't feel like it... but it's still great! With email now on Wednesday, it's super hard to remember what happened this week! uhh... We have the two coolest branch missionaries ever, Sister Fely and Sister Onobia and they are so buotan! (Nice) And sister Onobia is letting us skype on her computer (so soon!) and hosting an FHE on Christmas eve and we can just show up at her house and ask if we can use it to teach because the apartment was locked and she's there! And then feeds us lunch after. The best. And a group from our branch just got back from Tacloban (Biliran!) this week so I can't wait to talk to them about it. And I'm all better and back to work!!! It feels so good. Super sad moment, we taught our investigator who is supposed to get baptized this Saturday and he was all ready for his interview and we're waiting at the church with District leaders and he doesn't show up! And he doesn't have a cell phone (most people do) and he has work starting at 6. We call him later that night because he's a security guard at the other sister's apartment and it's like the saddest ever. He needs to work overtime everyday so he can't meet with us and he can't go to church. NOOO!!!! But we're trying to figure out a way, it's so hard! I'm just grateful that happened now and not after his baptism and he had to become less active immediately. This is just a trial of his faith and hopefully he makes it! If he gets baptized, it will probably be at the end of January. Good news, Georgie came to church!!! We can only teach him once a week and weren't able to teach him this week and the last time we committed him to go to church, he said there was no way he could miss work! But he showed up with his wife (who always comes) and he was so happy! And we were too! And we asked if he got a day off and he said no, he just skipped it! Woah. Hopefully he can continue! And we also got to see the First Presidency Devotional which was so good! And we went with Daniel (the American) and he LOVED it. And earlier we taught about the last part of the Plano sa Kaluwasan (plan of salvation) and he said, "wow, it is such a privilege to have this knowledge!" Elder and Sister Anderson gave him a doctrine and covenants (which was super cheap) and he said for how cheap it is, the contents are really worth so much! Do we ever take them for granted? It was just such a good reminder. 

And it's really cool that here I am able to focus so much on the true meaning of Christmas because I am seeing the atonement of Christ change lives right before my eyes! It's a miracle. There are so many people we've taught lately that we talk to them once, and then we teach them again and they're a completely different person and totally receptive! It's so crazy but the hand of the Lord is definitely apparent every single day. I'm always super grateful for my companions and apartment mates, we have so much fun! We're planning on having somewhat of a Christmas feast. And this week is Christmas conference with all the missionaries on the island and Zone Conference and I'm so excited! Should be a really great Christmas. Don't have too much fun without me :) And don't forget the real reason for this wonderful season. 

Love, Sister Pike

Sister Fely, she always works with us!

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