Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Week 48 - 12/25/2013

Yay I got to talk to you yesterday! But I know a lot of people didn't so this is for them... This week was so good! I had so much fun and we were pretty spoiled. First, we had our branch Christmas party last week and it was so different! But so good cause a lot of our investigators got to come and join in the fun. And a different elder was talking to Daniel (our American investigator) and came up to us and said, why isn't he getting baptized sooner? He's so great and he wants to get baptized before Christmas!" That was news to us! and we were just following protocol of waiting longer and spreading the lessons out but he said if he's progressing that much that quickly, you can forget about it. So we went home and planned, when is the soonest he can be baptized? if we teach him everyday, he can make it for Dec. 29th! And we thought it was to good to be true and we were scared that we were being selfish cause transfer days are soon and we thought one of us would for sure miss it but the fact that it's happening is like a dream come true and a PERFECT way to spend Christmas. So we asked him and he was SOOO excited and so now he's getting baptized on Sunday! so that was a crazy turn of events which is so great! And we had Christmas conference on Saturday and zone conference on Monday which was so great because the whole island of Negros got together and I got to see some elders from the MTC that I thought I would never see again! And here we are in the same mission, crazy. And we got to focus on Christmas- the real meaning. and then we had a talent show which was so fun! I just really love this mission. Then we got random presents from a bunch of super random generous people and mom's package came right on time. Christmas eve was super great because we went to a member's house and they invited a bunch of families from the branch and even our investigator! and had a huge feast- roasted pig and all. I've been trying to send pictures but this computer isn't that good so I'll try next week. And that night, we had a nativity that we recorded with just the 4 of us sisters and it was hilarious. It was hard with just the 4 us playing all the parts and got really creative with the costumes but it was so fun! Christmas I won't soon forget. And my companion really loved it because she never has any Christmas traditions and had never done it before and is excited to do that with her family when she goes back home. And Christmas was a normal day until we went to breakfast with our whole zone at the senior couple's apartment and it was so great! They got pretty creative with the breakfast burritos- no tortillas so they made it from lumpia rolls! (like used for egg rolls) Still good! With waffles and french toast and MILK! real milk! Do you know how long it's been? too long. And they had strawberry flavor and it was the best! Just a great day. then we skyped (hung out on google- Julie haha) and ate with the same members, they're the best! And then randomly found someone and taught then had to go home at dark (6) because everyone gets drunk. So no super special Filipino traditions but a good day nonetheless. And this next week looks super great too. After new years is over, I don't know what I'll have to look forward to cause I've been looking forward to Christmas conference and watching movies on New years for so long! And before you know it, I'll hit my year mark. YEAR! Doesn't even seem possible. But I've loved every second:) Being a missionary is just the greatest. I love you all! Maayong Pasko!

Love, Sister Pike

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