Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 53 - 1/29/2014

#1- I've been a missionary a year!!! And like every missionary, I can't believe it! It's just flying by too fast. I can't believe I've already signed up for an apartment and when Julie told me about some engineering classes that I had to choose from, it seemed like she was speaking a foreign language. Labs, homework and tests? it's crazy! 

#2 Leogie got baptized! Her husband, Ken, baptized her and they have their sight set on the Cebu temple in a year. It has been REMARKABLE to see the change that has happened in that family. She told us after her baptism that when she told us she was going to visit her family on the island of Siquijor with her youngest and leave her husband and two sons and we begged her not to because "it's Christmas and she needs to be with her family!" that she literally had plans never to come back because she was so miserable. That was ONE MONTH AGO! But through prayer and the Book of Mormon, she stayed and they're so happy and they want to be married for time and all eternity. If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is. I honestly don't want to even begin to think about what would have happened if we hadn't taught her when we did. 

#3- You know that one guy I taught last p-day? He was a referral and we taught him at the church and he is so amazing! We followed up on an on a house we found a while ago and every time we came, they were gone so we FINALLY got to teach them. We taught the full restoration and they were so good! At the end, they said there is a boarder there who would was really interested in hearing our message. Awesome! So we asked is name- turns out it's the same kid we taught the day before at the church! We tracked into his house unknowingly a week or so before. He went to church on Sunday and literally looked like a member-without the tie- and it was a really great service, he really felt the spirit. We gave a workshop later that night so we were at the church and his friend who referred us from the other branch found us and was sooooo excited! She hugged us and said, he prayed, he reads the book of Mormon, he wants to study with her and wants to get baptized and serve a mission. He literally changed his life plans after one lesson and reading the book of Mormon! What!?! I could hardly believe my ears. We taught him again today and he's as good as she said- he's in 1 Nephi 10, studies with the seminary guide so he understands, attends institute and even joined the choir. He knows it's all true and wants to get baptized ASAP. And he understands everything so well! It's amazing. So we're finding time in his busy schedule to teach him 3-4 times a week so we can teach him as fast as possible cause he's so good! Miracles all around. 

Church was kinda disappointed because 4 people that go to church every week and are supposed to get baptized really soon didn't go! What's the deal! It wasn't even rainy! Really bizarre but we'll visit them soon and figure it out. But my point is it wasn't even that disappointing because Efren came and he is amazing! and Leogie got the gift of the Holy Ghost so I can't complain at all! Great week. 

Love you all! 

Sister Pike

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