Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 54 - 2/4/2014

BIG NEWS!!! I just got a call from President Schmutz about an hour ago, I'M GOING BACK TO TACLOBAN MISSION!!!!! When he was telling me, I was just shaking but I'm SO excited!!! I have no idea where my language is or area but I'm excited. Transfer day for this mission is on Thursday so I basically stayed the whole time but I leave to Cebu on Sunday and fly to Manila to meet up with all the returning PTM missionaries and then go to Maasin I guess on Tuesday or something. I always secretly wished I would be returning to Tacloban on my birthday, That will most likely be my first day back- BEST birthday present ever!!! I love this area so much but I feel SO blessed to have a few days to say to goodbye and a Sunday because my streak has been pretty bad... haha Also, literally I will have gone to Manila between every area that I've served in... that's so not normal!! haha I think it's hilarious!

And this week was pretty great. On Monday, a bunch of our appointments fell through so we were thinking of where to go and I thought about this girl (Marjorie, 19) that I talked to a few weeks ago while I went on exchanges. She was born again but was really open to going to church! She didn't go to church, and then she wasn't there when we went to visit so we never got to follow up. So we went and she was there! She really was sorry she didn't go to church because she was shy-I don't blame her, I didn't talk to her for very long- but she was ready to listen nonetheless. I LOVE her apartment because it's at the end of this long dirt road and SO quiet. Usually the motorcycles are SO loud or random people are blasting music, it's just always a very noisy atmosphere but it was so peaceful there. We taught the full restoration and when I told the story of Joseph Smith and his first vision, the spirit was SO strong. It just filled me up from head to toe and was just pulsating through my whole body and lingered so much even on the walk to the next appointment. She said she could feel it so strong too and she knew it was true. She said she felt like Joseph Smith cause first she was Catholic and now Born again but really just wanted to know. She was so wonderful!!!! I'm really excited to hear about the progress she makes! It's so interesting that we teach the restoration so much, and we don't really change but the spirit depends so much on the people we are teaching. When they are so elect and prepared, it's such a sacred experience and so amazing.

And Crystal came to church! She is the sister of Ronaldo (the mullet guy who also is really progressing) and the Single Adults were the most AMAZING fellow shippers ever!!! The invited her to their class and their valentines dance this Saturday- Efren and Daniel or VERY progressing investigator and recent convert are very involved in institute and the activities and they all just love it! There is an institute building connected to the chapel and it's just the place to be and just hang out! It's so great. And it makes me so excited for Marjorie to come and get involved in it too. It took longer for Crysta to come I think because she was so involved in her own church and activities and choir, etc. but if she really gets involved- which she has already started- she will just flourish!

And I just felt like this was such an amazing week because I really focused on having really meaningful prayers to start personal study and then I had so many amazing spirit filled experiences in my study that just stayed with me the rest of the day! The Holy Ghost is truly an amazing gift from our Father in Heaven to not only to help us choose the right, but to give us taste of what our entire eternity could feel like if we continued so we're not working so hard for something we don't know about. Tinuod Kalipayon. True Happiness. And I have experienced this true happiness only when I give fully of myself and forget all my worries and problems as I focus on the needs of those I love. I love missionary work! But this true joy is not limited to us, you know. Be a missionary, and experience joy you could only dream of. I know that we have a loving heavenly father who knows all of us so individually and perfectly and he really does answer prayers. Thanks for all your love and support! Next week, I'll be in my new area, with my new companion and maybe speaking in a new language- with no fear because this is God's plan! And I trust it always.


Sister Pike

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