Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 56 - 2/16/2014

So this is the week that like no one replied because p-day is on Monday again! It's okay, I forgive you. This week was pretty uneventful, we are staying in Balaquid, an area about an hour bus ride away in the middle of nowhere so we haven't been able to work in our area at all because the rides are so limited that we would need to come back at like 4 pm so we just stay in the other sisters and find! And walk and walk. Have never walked so much in my whole mission and I even got a little sunburned. That never happens! But it's super cool being in their area because it is beautiful!! lots of mountains, the view right from our apartment is the ocean with great views of 2 other islands really close. Every time we travel to email, we just get 1 hour of the most gorgeous scenery. We decided this was where they should film like Jurassic park and such. The other day we rode a habul-habul (a motorcycle) because it's the only transportation available in their area and it's like paradise. 

We went to church in Naval yesterday and it was so great to see all the members!!! They all missed me and asked where sister Estes was. There were tons of less actives that we had visited and visited before that did not want to come back that were there! And there were literally people sitting outside the door because there was not enough room inside. Everyone keeps saying there are many investigators but I didn't meet very many! And its hard cause we can't visit them yet so hopefully soon! But they were all so happy to have missionaries finally back and we just feel so appreciated! it's great. But I think it is cool that I met a few that want to get baptized as soon as possible and have been going to church for a few months now! We as a mission will break the number of baptisms in about a month when all these people are actually being taught. Such a unique experience! 

Also kinda funny that they are upgrading all the apartments like making them require flushing toilets and showers, but we all prefer bucket showers still and before our sink was just a concrete basin with a big hole for the water and this week the tiled the counters and put a metal sink with a drain and we don't like it! It's way harder for the water to go down. Sister Albatara who is pinay and lives with us was laughing because we were all complaining and she said, you know this is fancy right? And here we prefer the old ways... the ghetto ways. It's just funny. And it's funny they made flushing toilets a priority because that was the least of our concerns! Before we would still have a toilet bowl with water and instead of pressing a flusher, we would pour a bucket of water down and it would flush it. also, I live with Sister Pettijohn, Albatara, and Adasme(my companion) and LOVE IT! They are so hilarious and fun to be around and we all speak cebuano constantly despite being 3 Americans so it's so good! And now we're trying to teach Sister Albatara English and we tried to explain swag this morning. Hilarious! Life is good! Kinda still in limbo with no area but it will hopefully not be too much longer! Love you all. 

Love, Sister Pike

Trip Back to Tacloban

 President and Sister Schmutz

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