Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 59 - 3/10/2014

Well, nothing super exciting- we had a zone activity and went to the zoo again this time as the whole zone then we hiked a mountain! This morning we missed the bus so we just fit four of us on the back of a motorcycle and drove the hour. As I was driving past the prettiest view in the whole world, I remember how incredibly rare that is and I need to just enjoy it all while I can! Even in other areas in the mission and other missions in the Philippines, no one rides motorcycles because they don't need to! But here it's basically mandatory. It's so nindot! And our activity was pretty fun, mostly to get to know all the missionaries that we don't see very often. We just found out our zone leader is opening the area opening up this week so we'll be getting a new one! That will be interesting. And on Sunday morning right before church they called and said they would be moving us into our apartment right after church- no notice at all! And then they checked our apartment and there was no key so they couldn't get in and turns out they still need to fix it so the goal is Thursday! It's so soon! The workers needed to work in our apartment AGAIN so we stayed in the other sister's apartment for the 3rd time! It's becoming a once a week thing, but it's been really fun getting to know everyone. And it's nice we're to the point in Balaquid (our other area) that we have progressing investigators and they're like our "go to" every night because it's so hard to find at night right when it gets dark at 6 cause I feel like it's like 11pm because of how empty and dark it is! 

Also, I got an email from Dumaguete (sister weber) saying Efren got baptized!!! He was the crazy prepared one that wanted to go on a mission after the first lesson, I'm so excited to keep in touch with him and see the great things he does. 

Hopefully next week I'll be reporting on Naval!

Love, Sister Pike

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