Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 60 - 3/16/2014

Good news!!! I'm back in Naval!! Yay! It was sad to leave the other sisters that we've been living with because they are so wonderful but we'll still get to see them at zone activities which is so great. Saturday, the office elders picked us up in their van and drove us the hour to naval with all our stuff which was so nice because it would've been so hard on the bus! And we actually ended up moving back to the apartment where I lived with Sister Estes before! I don' t know if you remember me talking about it before but it was really small just for the two us so now with 4, it is really, really small. They redid some stuff so now it's cute and really bright and we have running water all day (before it would only turn on at 3pm till we went to bed so we needed to fill up a huge bucket to shower with) and flushing toilet and a shower but we all just fill up a bucket anyways, it really is the best way! The main problem is the room where we would put all of our clothes and luggage and stuff is where the other sisters sleep so we're living out of our suitcases which are in a little covered area outside that connects us to our CR (bathroom). I'll need to take some pictures, it's hard to describe. And I have a lot of pictures to send from last week but the internet is being soooo slow today! Usually it's not too bad but it literally took 30 minutes to load one email. Yesterday was our first day being in Naval (yay!) but 3 of us were sick so we just came home right after church and slept...the irony. But it was really great because we all did companion study together because Pres. Andaya wants us to send all the miracles we have seen after the typhoon- in our other missions and our return to Tacloban so we shared what we wanted to write. For most of us, we haven't experienced very much- just the jump in attendance but the biggest miracles were in ourselves, healing, getting over it, moving on, what we learned, etc. So it was SO cool to hear what Sister Henshaw and Lindsay shared because they were 2/10 sisters that were on the roof in Tacloban that almost died and they were SO traumatized. When I saw them in Manila, I thought no way they would keep going and be able to function in another mission but they did! And they are so amazing! and they shared their own personal healing and how they dealt with everything. I wish I had time to share everything that they did but alas, time is short. Long story short, the atonement is so real and ready to help anyone in whatever capacity. He is always there with open arms and we just need to turn to him. We knew we would go through everything in our lives and he prepared us with a way to face it all. There's nothing we can't handle.  I am super excited for this week to actually work in our true area! But cool thing- last week when we were still riding the bus a ton, Sister Adasme and I brought flashcards of 150 Tagalog verbs and we learned them all! We came up with the craziest ways to remember them and just laughed our heads of through it all. That's one of the things I like most about being with her is we're helping each other so much in the language and we just have so much fun doing it! And then, our new zone leader (American) spoke in sacrament meeting and he just came from Bacolod mission speaking Ilonggo and hasn't spoken bisaya in a year so he gave his whole talk in Tagalog and we understood almost every word. It was so fulfilling! I'm going to miss when I don't get to learn a new language every 6 months :) This is definitely the mission for me. Now with 4 Americans in the house and we're helping the other 2 with Cebuano it might put a damper on our Tagalog but we'll find a way. I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Pike

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