Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 63 - 4/7/2014

This week was wonderful!  Didn't work as much as we would've liked because I took a few rest days.  I've been doing pretty good but occasionally I need to crash especially since it's hot season and we walk a lot and my body just wears out faster than the average human!  Which I'm very used to and it's wonderful because Sister Brown is so incredibly patient and understanding and we just have a great time all the time!  When I'm asleep she just studies and listens to my general conference talks which she is in love with!  Definitely getting us pumped for general conference this week.  This week, she discovered our roof because she got tired of sitting in our house and we went up there at night just to talk and the weather was so beautiful!  like perfect!  not hot at all with the most beautiful breeze so we decided to move our mattresses up there (we always just sleep on the floor anyway) and slept and we even woke up cold the next morning!  We loved it so much that we've done it the past 3 nights in a row.  Luckily, it hasn't rained on us and we are definitely counting our blessings.  My favorite is in the morning, the wall blocks the sun so we don't wake up too early and if you look over the wall, it's a perfect view of the mountains.  Literally feels like we're camping and I just feel 100x better about getting out of bed in the morning! 

What I love about Sister Brown is that we are such good friends and can talk about everything and anything but can also work hard to do our best as missionaries.  Even though we didn't teach very many lessons, each had such a special spirit that was so fulfilling!  And we've been finding a lot because we have like 1 investigator and I was really bad at finding at the beginning of my mission, but now I love it because you meet so many weird/funny people.  Even when we get rejected, I just walk away laughing because it was hilarious.  I'm sure we'll find some great investigators soon.  One huge success was that our investigator (who is the wife of one of the counselors in the branch presidency) finally came to church!!  They live 45 minutes away and they have a motorcycle so it should be pretty easy but we've had to work for a few weeks, but she came!  And I love our relief society, there are actually quite a few relief society sisters and they are all very welcoming.  It's so exciting when someone new comes to church and you can tell they feel so welcome. 

Also, we got to see Women's conference which was so exciting!  In the past we haven't been able to.  We invited some less actives who said they would come but when we showed up at the start, there were literally just 4 of us sister missionaries but a few more showed up late at the end.  But it was so cool to be able to see that very first women's conference, Sister Brown was like crying the whole time, it was hilarious but such a special spirit that gives you the recharge you didn't even recognize you needed!  Definitely looking forward to all General Conference which will probably just be in English which I feel bad for those that can't really understand but they feel the spirit and the love of the leaders of the church for us which is better than nothing!  It's so sad thinking this is my 3rd and last general conference here, time flies so fast!  I love you all and think and pray for you often. 

love, Sister Pike 

p.s. cool story, while finding, we met the cutest old lady who doesn't understand a word of English or waray-waray so I pulled out my Tagalog I've been studying and it was so great!  My companion (who had the biggest nosebleed of her life-> a Filipino phrase which means their brain was working so hard that it bled and comes out the nose) just stared in awe like, since when did you know Tagalog!  It's fun.  But now I need to focus on learning waray-waray more in depth so I won't be able to study as much. 

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