Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 64 - 4/13/2014

Hello family! Today was one of those lucky days the internet was SUPER fast! So could upload a lot of pictures which leaves not much time to write. This week was CRAZY busy but soooo wonderful. We basically did no work but had lots and lots to do. We were supposed to have zone conference but word a typhoon came so it was cancelled so they decided to have a different zone meeting in Calbayog (2 hours away) but on the way there on Tuesday, we found out it was back on! So exciting because we get to see Cataraman, my old zone but bad news because if we had KNOWN we could have brought all of our stuff to just sleep in Calbayog that night instead of traveling back and forth... It was pretty kapoi- tiring but fun to talk with everyone in our district cause we traveled together. I never ever got car sick in America but here is a COMPLETELY different story and have gotten progressively worse on my mission which is unfortunate but we usually just talk to each other to distract ourselves from our nauseated state and it's pretty good. And we got to memorize some of D&C 4 in Tagalog! So that's always fun. Those bus rides aren't good for nothing!

Zone training meeting, we meet as a zone and the stls, sister training leaders gave us training than our zone leaders and it was the most spiritual meeting yet! It was all about service and patience and becoming like Christ. And then when we came back on Wednesday for zone conference, best zone conference ever! Also, Sister and President Andaya's last and maybe even my last! That's super sad. But it was the best so I'm okay! President and Sister Andaya's trainings were so hilarious. Sister is always so sweet and happy to see us, she always says, "I may still be young but I really do think of all of you as my children! It was so hard after the storm and you were all reassigned and it was like I lost all my children were lost at once and I'm so happy you're back!" And then she gave us the training she usually gives at the departure devotional for leaving missionaries but she won't be here! So she wanted to give it to us now. It was adorable and you really saw the love they have for each other. So cute! And then the AP's Elder Landingin and Munoz gave an excellent training on patience again and did the funnest role plays you have ever seen! I felt like the whole time I was at a comedy but I learned so much at the same time. Comedy actually helps people learn so much more, it's a great teaching skill. 

And then, of course, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! It was pretty sad when it was over realizing that was my last one as a missionary, but it was so good! I love how Elder Ballard committed EVERYONE to read preach my gospel and report it to their missionaries, hint, hint :) I love preach my gospel and I have so much to learn from it still! My favorite section as of late has been the Christ like attributes, I encourage all to read! And the theme I kinda got overall was be nice!! Stand up for your beliefs, don't ever compromise, but no matter how you are treated, what persecutions come your way, react like Christ, be the example. It's hard for sure, but a necessity for our happiness as well as the happiness of others. Also, we saw a bit of the world news report and it was really cool to see our story! All the missionaries I know and love. And then Elder Teh's talk was the coolest cause I know him! He came and spoke to us last July and I could completely relate to everything he said about the people of the Philippines and what we can learn from them. Their hope and happiness even after the biggest destruction ever. Their complete happiness amidst poverty. I love general conference! The spirit was so strong and I can't wait to read and reread all the talks and find something new each time. There is so much to be learned! Love you all, don't forget to study Preach my gospel and general conference!

Love, Sister Pike
President Andaya's kids - we had lunch with them when they came to our branch a few weeks ago. 

My companion Sister Brown!


Our name tags.. companionship unity - Every time Jen/Kristin send me a letter, they put a sticker on it for me!

Sleeping on the roof

Mga mahusay (beauties) in our branch

We showered in the rain, it's a once a year tradition I guess! Sister Brown did it first and then I kinda wanted to but it was too cold. Then round two of the rain storm came but it didn't last as long so I had to finish my shower inside. So fun!

The cutest little boy on the planet! We all call him gwapo and he constantly smiles. Literally my whole zone was just staring at his cuteness. How do you get 16 missionaries attention? Miguel.

All of these were when we were together watching General Conference.

My Catbalogan District

The Filipinos and their umbrellas...

Squishing in a tricycle

My Catbalogan Zone

Zone conference - the lunch was SO fancy, it literally looked like a wedding reception!

My batch! (the elders and sisters I arrived with)

I was matching Sister Andaya!

Traffic after zone conference...

FHE! (Family Home Evening)

District Lunch at Jollibee between sessions of General Conference!

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