Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 25 - 7/21/2013

Another crazy week but so great! I went to Tacloban and got my new trainee! That's right, I'm training, after 4 months and I'm still in my first area. I'm pretty sure that never happens ever! It was so fun to take her to church yesterday and see everyone's face like- "what? You just got here and now you're training?!?" And get this- My trainee is so awesome. Sister Doud from provo, ut. She studies engineering at BYU too! What are the odds? She's super smart and picking the language up well even though it's been 2 days and she eats all the food, basically a trainer's dream haha And she's really good at the piano and she loves to sing so we've had fun making music together. It's really great! I still can't believe we're just two americans walking around the Philippines with me leading everything, but so far it's been really great! The past 2 days we've taught a bunch of lessons and even taught 3 families for the first time! And Tuesday, my last day with Sister Pedong, was so great too! we worked so hard all day and all the lessons were so good- I couldn't stop smiling! And we got a new investigator with a baptismal goal of August 10 and she came to church, she is so awesome!  She's so prepared too. I'm so glad I didn't transfer yet because so many great things are happening! 

And of course the trip to Tacloban was so fun because I got to see all the sisters from my batch! And 4 Sisters are training after just 3 months! The work is being quickened and we are definitely having more responsibility placed upon us but it also gives us a huge opportunity to grow! Even these past two days have been really great and it's amazing to see that even though I'm not perfect at the language, I am able to teach and help people and watch as my mouth is filled with things to say. 

And today I taught her how to laba(laundry) by hand and it's just really fun explaining all the cultural things that I was shocked about when I got here, but that seems so normal now. Like climbing a ladder into a members home and sitting on the floor or saying hi to everyone as you walk down the street... just asking some kids their names then their parents invite you in and you teach a lesson. I love the Philippines! Until next week! I love you all! 

Sister Pike

There's a story. Sister Robinson was ready for bed and I made my bed on a mattress on the floor and she looked up and said "Sister Pike, I will give you 1,000 pesos if you sleep on those metal bars tonight." We just laughed like, haha - that's ridiculous. Then I thought, I actually want to see what that would feel like! So I climbed up there and laid down and decided it wasn't that bad so I did it! For the whole night. I look at that picture and still can't believe I did it.  Am I crazy? yes. But I am 1,000 pesos ($20) richer and a crazy story. So worth it. And we had to get up super early anyway because this was in Tacloban when we were figuring out training and stuff.

McArthur Park! Those statues are basically the symbol of the mission

President and Sister Andaya with my new anak (trainee)! It wasn't long ago that I was the one there!

8/10 of my batch sisters - that came with me - are training now! Wow! So here is all of us with our new missionaries! After just 4 months! I am surrounded by some amazing people

TEXAS PRIDE NEVER DIES! I thought you (all the Texans) would appreciate this - An elder going home from Texas gave me his TX flag! They have a tradition - I'm the 3rd - where you hang it up in all your areas and sign your name and when you go home, you pass it on to another Texan in the mission. It's so great! Only Texans would think of this huh? It's awesome!!

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