Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 26 - 7/29/2013

It was so great to hear from all of you! This was a really great week! We just worked so hard and taught tons of people, we were so exhausted, but it was so great! Unfortunately, here in the Philippines, if it rains, that's a legitimate reason not to go to church. And you're probably thinking, you live in a tropical jungle island with two types of weather, rain and heat. And isn't it rainy season (June-February) so it rains like every other day? yes. So our attendance was oh so low, sayang! But it gives us plenty of work to do this week. This week was cool, because it was the first week of my trainee, Sister Doud, and we just set a really great pace and worked our hearts out and taught 17 lessons this week! I had to tell her, yeah... this isn't exactly normal... but it's funny with training, I just feel like I have such a great responsibility to help her become the best missionary so I'm stretching myself and growing like crazy so I can help her reach an even higher height. And I just love new starts so I can set a new standard for myself and constantly strive to be better, it's so great! 

This week, we taught Kate and her asawa (not married but live in) and Marife (Kate's mom). We've taught them for quite some time and when we started teaching Marife, begining of June, she just said, I'm just searching for the truth! And we said that's great because we have it! So we kept committing her to read and pray. She always wanted to continue, but she never felt like she had received a for sure answer. One lesson, we mentioned temples and how families can be together forever. The next lesson, she said, "all for us talked about it and we want that! We all want to get baptized and I know it's true because, I guess, through the Holy Ghost. I believe what you've been teaching us!" It was the coolest ever. Then we taught more extensively about temples and what they  need to do to go there. And they were so quiet and just hanging on my every word and now we're just working on getting them married so they can get baptized. It has been SO cool to see the differences in their lives. Now, they ask for all of our pamphlets and books so they can do all the additional reading and studying and they are just so great! And Kate just had her baby yesterday! They haven't been able to go to church because Kate has been so pregnant that she can't even walk so I'm just hoping that she will be able to take the baby to church too. But they definitely have their eyes on the temple and that will make the whole process so much easier because they have a goal! And they want it so bad. Before, we were worried to teach they had to get married because they are kinda poor, but now, they just accepted it as one of the things they need to do to achieve their ultimate goal. 

If everyone could just keep their eyes on the their ultimate goal, or our ultimate purpose in life, everything just becomes so much more clear. I know that Heavenly Father gave us this beautiful plan and so many helps like the Book of Mormon and church and prayer so that we never get distracted from it. I love you all!

Love, Sister Pike
My "family" in the mission - daughter, mother, sister, niece. Haha this never happens that we're all in the same area but it's so fun!

Sister Robinson paying up the 1,000 pesos for my terrible night's sleep.

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